Incongruent Justice

There have been a number of recent cases where the punishment handed down does not fit the crime. Many of these stem from problems of the US federal government continuing in it’s failing policies of the war on drugs, and establishing so-called mandatory minimum sentences. These sentences in some cases have led to small scale drug offenses being as severely punished as violent acts.

In one example from a few days ago, a 19-year old male in Texas will be tried on first-degree felony charges for making and selling brownies containing hash oil, a concentrated form of THC extracted from marijuana. His possible sentence if convicted is 5 years to life in prison. The police in this case were allowed, under Texas law, to take the full weight of the brownies (regular ingredients included) and cite it as if he had that amount of pure hash oil. He has been charged with 1.5 lbs instead of the likely couple of grams of the drug that were actually in the brownies. The potential sentence he is facing in no way fits this crime. This young man had a clean record prior to this incident.

Here is a link to the clip from ABC:

And the article from VICE news:

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