The Mission

Our aim is to develop the idea of liberty and the endless creativity that can flow from human potential when people are set free. Liberty is our focus and one that is far too often cast aside in favor of “security” or wasteful government programs.

We write about the news surrounding the current Obama administration, review books on the topic of liberty, and study historical U.S. Presidents and leaders of the past. Our writings are always focused on ways to maximize individual liberty; both social and economic freedoms are of concern to us. The expansion of NSA spying programs and the persistent tendency of current leaders to re-interpret the Constitution and amendments to suit their own goals or political objectives is anathema to the reasons the founding documents were crafted. It is highly important to shine a light on these actions and reveal them for what they are: affronts to the personal liberty that is the foundation of what made the country great.

It is our mission to persuade readers of the importance of these events in determining the future course of human liberty. We realize that there is an inherent difficulty in persuading proponents of the state, but if our writings’ only effect is to stir up conversations and civil debate, they still serve the purpose of bringing the subject more attention in the public mind.

Perspective change is the beginning of insights. We are both skilled in the usage of language and hope to convey a message to the reader that is unique and interesting and will form thoughts that will lead the reader toward a new perspective about the world and our freedoms.

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