Does the US Need to Set a Digital Agenda?

Former Cisco CEO John Chambers

During a speech by former Cisco CEO John Chambers at BoxWorks 2015, he lamented the fact that the US government does not have a proper technological agenda in place. According to his reasoning this is a necessary step to ensure future prosperity and growth. This is despite evidence to the contrary that markets do, in fact, adapt and make good use of rapidly changing technology on their own.

There are steps the government can take to enable technological progress, but such potential steps are always to roll back layers of government intervention that are already in place. Suggesting … Continue reading

F. A. Hayek on Social Justice

This is a clip from 1977 where Hayek discusses the fallacy of central planning in the area of “social justice”. The distributed nature of the knowledge needed in order to enact a just system of social order is simply not available nor obtainable by a single individual. No planning can be undertaken without such knowledge, hence it is fallacious to even discuss the concept of instituting an overarching plan for social justice. What seems just to one social group may not be just to another.

I may write a full paper on the topic in the future but Hayek, even in his old age, does a great job explaining it in this video.

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