School Board Decision to Promote Patriotism over Fact

History has a pattern of being written with a slant in favor of the nation in which it originates. The new curriculum being proposed by a school board in Jefferson county, Colorado takes this a step further and goes out of its way to promote patriotism, and a positive view of the US government in the teaching of US history to AP students. This comes at the expense of censoring the negative (and sometimes illegal) actions taken by government in the past.

This is a video of student protests in Jefferson county from CBS news:

There should be a theory behind the teaching of history and there will be some inevitable bias introduced. But this is an intentional attempt to promote pro-state dogma as fact and influence students to being more statist and nationalistic in their view of history.

Patriotism and loyalty to one’s home land can be well founded, but it should not come before the loyalty one has for his own values and principles. My loyalty as a Libertarian is first placed in the principle of non-aggression. Unless done in self defense, the right to extend my fist ends at another person’s nose. When you are giving your loyalty to a government that continues a relentless military intervention campaign in the middle east and spends without end here at home, you are implicitly backing such government actions.

Patriotism has a limited role in the teaching of history and should not be prioritized over factual accounts.

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