David Hume’s View on the Size and Scale of Government

Portrait of David Hume

This evening I received a link from a user on twitter ( @jpayneancap ) to an article by Donald W. Livingston over at The Imaginative Conservative discussing the ideal size and scale of the state. LibertyExplored takes no official position on whether there should be a state, as we realize the significant contribution that both anarchists and minarchists have made to the libertarian tradition. Our view is that any government that exists should be decentralized in nature and small in size.

In this article, Livingston lays out the approach David Hume takes to the issue of the … Continue reading

Review of “Real Dissent” by Thomas E. Woods Jr.

Real Dissent by Tom Woods

Tom Woods’ book Real Dissent draws a sharp distinction between authentic and insignificant political discourse. His central thesis in the book is that the opinion-molders in the media have narrowly defined the “legitimate” debate in this country to being between the positions held by the popular Republican and Democratic candidates. Those who suggest radical change or question fundamentals in the functioning of the system are mocked and ridiculed for being outside the acceptable range of opinion. These are those that dare say something that’s not on the 3×5 card of allowable opinion, the metaphor Woods uses to describe the perceived … Continue reading

Look to Technology for Answers to Climate Change; Not Government Regulation


The Problem of Extrapolating into the Future

It has become the general consensus among most scientists that man has played some significant role in the changing of the climate. My purpose in this article is not to tackle the scientific aspects of climate change or to dispute the role of fossil fuels produced by man. For the purpose of this argument, I will accept the proposition that man has caused at least a significant role in altering the global climate. By extrapolating current trends of CO2 emissions, one can quickly fall into the trap that the only hope for the … Continue reading

Review of “The Liberty Amendments” by Mark Levin


Many people who are concerned about protecting individual liberties are not aware that the Constitution itself provides for a remedy when the federal government oversteps its boundaries. In the book The Liberty Amendments: Restoring the American Republic by Mark R. Levin, the author explains that Article V of the Constitution gives state legislatures authority to restore a system of government more in line with the founding principles of our country through calling a state convention for the purpose of amending the Constitution.

Levin then goes on to propose his ideas for the amendments that need to be made to the … Continue reading

Standing on the Shoulders of Giants


The phrase “If I see farther, it is by standing on the shoulders of giants.” was Isaac Newton’s way of stating that his great success in mathematics and physics was based on a foundation laid by those who came before him. We must take this same stance on questions of liberty today and view them through a lens of the original intent of the founders, while at the same time understanding that the world has changed dramatically since the founding documents were written. The founders could not possibly have envisioned instantaneous sharing of information and the huge technological revolution that … Continue reading